"I took my daughter to see Anwen for a long term sleep issue, insomnia. Anwen was calm, professional and talked to my daughter about what was going on in her life to gain a fuller understanding of her situation. She discussed a treatment plan with both of us and prescribed a remedy that had an immediate impact. We had several follow up appointments and even used some Bach Flower Remedies to complement the Homeopathy.

Over the weeks my daughter's sleep improved enough that we didn't need to carry on with the treatment. The whole experience was positive and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Anwen to anyone who is thinking about using homeopathy to treat their issue. Thanks Anwen!"

J.B. Bromley, Kent.

“Anwen is brilliant. She treated my 2 year old daughter for Molluscum Contagiosum. She was very professional with her consultation and asked a range of questions about my daughter before giving her anything to try. She gave us some homeopathic remedies and within 4 weeks her Molluscum, which was in a patch on her back, had all cleared up! My son also got Molluscum some months later, which Anwen also treated, and in turn also disappeared. I would highly recommend Anwen and her services. A very professional and lovely woman. Thanks again Anwen!"



“Anwen helped me with pain issues related to my endometriosis. I found that she was very understanding during the whole process. The pain I had in both my hip and bladder reduced in the time that I saw Anwen.


I thought the homeopathy was particularly helpful when I had my laparoscopy. I felt that the remedies really helped me bounce back from my surgery. I would definitely recommend Anwen to anyone considering using homeopathy”

S.N. Bromley, Kent.

M.G. Bromley, Kent.

"Anwen's bedside manner is lovely and I have felt some benefits from homeopathic treatment."

J.W. Bromley, Kent.

"My son had Molluscum for several months, gradually worsening over time. We visited the GP twice to be told that it would clear itself in time, but instead it kept spreading. A friend recommended Anwen to me, after having great results using Homeopathy to treat her daughter's Molluscum. Anwen was very friendly and gave a thorough consultation before recommending which homeopathic treatment to use.


Within one month we saw a huge improvement in my son's skin. It went from having very angry spots all over his arms and torso to much calmer spots and less of them. By the second month his skin had completely cleared and no new spots appeared. We are absolutely delighted as it was starting to affect his confidence. I can't recommend Anwen enough!"

"Anwen has supported me with homeopathy for Arthritis and an eye condition. My Arthritis has improved and I only wear supports on occasions. I am no longer going out with a crutch and my confidence has returned. I feel happier in myself . Thank you"

E.W. Beckenham, Kent.

C.D. Bromley, Kent.