Are you looking for a holistic approach to your health care? 

Homeopathy provides safe, effective and highly individualised treatment with no side-effects. Homeopathy helps to gently restore wellbeing both physically, mentally and emotionally. Clients have seen me for the following common conditions:


  • Digestive complaints including stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation and faecal impaction.

  • Menstrual complaints such as PMT, irregular, painful or heavy periods.

  • Children’s complaints such as teething, tantrums, bedwetting.

  • Insomnia and nightmares.

  • Meniere’s disease, Tinnitus and Labyrinthitis.

  • Skin complaints including eczema, warts and Molluscum Contagiosum.

  • Reoccurring colds, coughs and Sinusitis.

  • Nervous tics.

  • Allergies such as hay fever.

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression.

Homeopathic treatment is chosen for a variety of reasons. Some people may experience unwelcome side effects from their conventional medication or conventional medicine has been unable to help their condition. 
Your consultation

During the consultation we will have an in depth and confidential discussion about your symptoms, and how they affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. I will ask you to tell me all about yourself in order to get a thorough understanding of how you experience your symptoms.  As well as your current health complaint, I will also consider other aspects of your wellbeing and health including your past medical history, family medical history, diet, lifestyle, sleep and personality. This information is important to help select a homeopathic remedy that reflects your current condition that will bring about a positive readjustment to your physical symptoms as well as your mental and emotional state.


Please tell me if you are taking any supplements or prescription medication from your GP. Do not discontinue any prescribed medication without consulting your GP. Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine and offers an integrated and complementary approach to your healthcare needs.


The length of homeopathic treatment varies from case to case. It depends on the nature of your presenting illness and how long you have had it.



Adults - £65 first appointment (90 minutes)

             £45 thereafter (45 minutes)


Children - £55 first appointment (60 minutes)

                 £40 thereafter (45 minutes)

Appointments available at Neal's Yard Remedies (Bromley), Chatterton Village, Skype or local home visit.


Fees include your remedies. Please add £5 for local house calls or postage/packaging of remedies for Skype consultations.

Homeopathic treatment is also available with Simplyhealth cash plans.

Bespoke homeopathic care packages can help to spread the cost of treatment and can be tailor made for you. The packages can include:

  • Treatment for additional family members

  • Acute treatment for common complaints

  • Homeopathic consultations via Skype and telephone

  • A complementary remedy kit


For further information please call 07910 880 391 


Payments can be made by cash or cheque (cards accepted at Neal's Yard Remedies Bromley). Bank transfers and PayPal payments are accepted if made in advance of the appointment.


Homeopathy: past and present

Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’ which dates back to Hippocrates (460-377BC). This principle means that a substance, which causes symptoms in a large dose, can be used in a small quantity to treat similar symptoms. For example, coffee is known to cause sleeplessness, agitation and nervousness. In a diluted, homeopathic form, the remedy Coffea can be used to treat these symptoms. Therefore your homeopathic prescription is highly individualised and bespoke according to your specific symptoms. Homeopathy was later discovered by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German Physician.


Homeopathy continues to grow in popularity. With 200 million users globally, Homeopathy is the 2nd largest form of medicine. A recent evaluation of 6,500 patients at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital found that, over a 6-month period, 70% of patients reported an improvement in their health. Further information on this study can be found on the following link:



"I took my daughter to see Anwen for a long term sleep issue, insomnia. Anwen was calm, professional and talked to my daughter about what was going on in her life to gain a fuller understanding of her situation. She discussed a treatment plan with both of us and prescribed a remedy that had an immediate impact. We had several follow up appointments and even used some Bach Flower Remedies to complement the Homeopathy. Over the weeks my daughter's sleep improved enough that we didn't need to carry on with the treatment. The whole experience was positive and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Anwen to anyone who is thinking about using homeopathy to treat their issue. Thanks Anwen!"

J.B. Bromley, Kent.

“Anwen is brilliant she treated my 2 year old daughter for Mollescum Contagiosum. She was very professional with her consultation and asked a range of questions about my daughter before giving her anything to try. She gave us some homeopathic remedies and

within 4 weeks her Mollescum, which was in a patch on her back, had all cleared up! My son also got Mollescum some months later, which Anwen also treated, and in turn also disappeared. I would highly recommend Anwen and her services. Very professional and a lovely woman. Thanks again Anwen!"

S.N. Bromley, Kent.

"I asked for Anwen's advice on my daughters nervous tic's that she recently developed and I can't recommend her enough. Anwen did an in depth Skype with me, as I don't live local to Bromley, taking me through all my daughters history and current issues. She advised on the best remedies and things that we could implement daily. She posted out twice a remedy that helped my daughter a lot and kept in contact checking in to see how she was doing. I found Anwen to be very caring and knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesistate in seeing her again and recommending her to my friends. Very happy with your service Anwen and the results we achieved."

J.G. Seaford, East Sussex.

"Anwen's bedside manner is lovely and I have felt some benefits from homeopathic treatment."

J.W. Bromley, Kent.

"My son had Molluscum for several months, gradually worsening over time. We visited the GP twice to be told that it would clear itself in time, but instead it kept spreading. A friend recommended Anwen to me, after having great results using Homeopathy to treat her daughter's Molluscum. Anwen was very friendly and gave a thorough consultation before recommending which homeopathic treatment to use. Within one month we saw a huge improvement in my son's skin. It went from having very angry spots all over his arms and torso to much calmer spots and less of them. By the second month his skin had completely cleared and no new spots appeared. We are absolutely delighted as it was starting to affect his confidence. I can't recommend Anwen enough!"

C.D. Bromley, Kent.

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