Are you struggling with negative mood and emotions?

Bach flower remedies work specifically and directly to help rebalance negative emotions. The 38 remedies, and the commonly known Rescue Remedy, can be blended to match an individual’s emotional state. The remedies gently help to restore harmony and empower us through difficult times in our lives. They are completely safe, non-addictive and have no side effects. Due to their gentle action, they can be taken alongside conventional medicine and homeopathic treatment. The remedies can be taken by all ages including babies and the elderly. 


Clients have seen me for the following emotional complaints:


  • Anticipatory anxiety e.g. exams, public speaking etc.

  • Panic attacks and anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Grief

  • Dealing with periods of change e.g. new job, parenthood, divorce etc.

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Uncertainty and indecision


Sometimes it can be difficult being honest with ourselves and working out how we feel. A consultation allows you time to reflect on your situation, process how you are feeling and together we can select the appropriate remedy mix to suit your emotional state. Your appointment will last up to 60 minutes where we will have an in depth and confidential discussion about how you are feeling mentally and emotionally.


Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936), a Physician, Pathologist and Bacteriologist, devised the remedies as a system of self-care. Consequently, as part of the consultation, I will help you to gain a basic understanding of the remedies so that, in time, you will be able to select appropriate remedies yourself.

A blending service is available if you know which remedies best suit your mood and emotional needs. You can blend up to 7 remedies in your individual mixing bottle. For further information on individual remedies, please click on the link below:

The Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner



Adults - £60 first appointment (60 minutes)

             £45 thereafter (45 minutes)


Children - £45 first appointment (45 minutes)

                £30 thereafter (30 minutes)

Appointments are available in Chatterton village, local home visits and Skype.


Fees include your remedies. Please add £5 for local house calls or postage/packaging of remedies for Skye consultations.


Blending service - £10 

Personalised mix bottle of up to 7 self-selected remedies. Full instructions included.

Please add £5 for postage/packaging.


Payments can be made by cash, cheque of bank transfer. PayPal payments are accepted if made in advance of the appointment.