I am a professionally qualified and registered Homeopath and Bach Flower Practitioner. I trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education (London) and the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) from 2013-2017. Appointments are available for both therapies in Chatterton Village (Bromley), local home visits and beyond, via Skype.  


I thoroughly enjoy working with my patients to enhance their vitality and wellbeing so they can be the best version of themselves.

My journey…


I was treated with Homeopathy as a teenager for nausea and vomiting, which was debilitating and had started to affect my studies. Homeopathy worked for me! I was amazed by the gentle and effective treatment when conventional medicine was unable to help me. I was later treated by a Homeopath for a skin condition and following a difficult labour. Again, the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment amazed me and I wanted to know more. Bach flower remedies have equally been very helpful supporting emotions through periods of change as a new mum, grief and settling exam nerves.


As a new mum, I was often astounded by the possible side effects of prescribed medication for my son. Many of which appeared to be more harmful than the actual symptoms. As I read and learned more about Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, I started to prescribe remedies for my family.


Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies have supported me and offer an integrated approach to my family's healthcare needs.

Your journey…


One thing is certain; we are all individuals and experience our symptoms differently. Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies are matched entirely to your individual symptoms offering a bespoke treatment. Start your journey today...


I look forward to working with you to facilitate your journey towards greater wellbeing.

Supporting your wellbeing through a holistic approach

Available Treatments
Appointments available:
  • Chatterton Village, Bromley
  • On Skype
  • Local home visit (additional charges apply)
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